Great Robert Parker reviews for our wines

Stephan Reinhardt tasted our wines for Robert Parkers „The WineAdvocate“ and we are very pleased about the great reviews.

In the past years, Katharina Tinnacher has established her 27-hectare domaine among the top five addresses in all Styria. Focusing on nothing but village and terroir wines (yet no generic South Styrian wines anymore), the wine’s average quality level has become extraordinarily high and her wines are as focused as Katharina herself. If feelings don’t lie, the young woman will become one of the queens of Austrian wine, and if there is a collection to prove her elevated position, it is the current one, which sums up the excellent village wines from 2018 and the terrific single-vineyard wines (premiers and grands crus) of the exceptional 2017 vintage, one of the greatest in modern Styria.

97 PP            Ried Flamberg Sauvignon Blanc 17

96+ PP         Ried Welles Sauvignon Blanc 17

95 PP            Ried Flamberg Morillon 17

95 PP            Decennium Riesling 08

94 PP            Ried Steinbach Sauvignon Blanc 17

93 PP            Ried Gamitz Gelber Muskateller 17

93 PP            Ried Steinbach Weissburgunder 17

92 PP            Gamlitz Sauvignon Blanc 18

92 PP            Gamlitz Gelber Muskateller 18

92 PP            Ried Eckberg Morillon 18

91+ PP         Ried Steinbach Morillon 17


Stephan Reinhardt joined the Robert Parker's Wine Advocate team in May 2014 and covers the wine regions of Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as Alsace, Champagne and the Loire valley.